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Re: BrainFlex is good for you.

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002 03:03, Adam Majer wrote:
> > 	There are things in life more important than "winning"
> > 	an argument on a mailing list.  Furthermore, archives
> > 	of mailing lists such as this serve as a long-term
> > 	reminder to the world of how you deal with other people.
> > 	Think carefully about this before you make each post.
> Oh my GOD!!! I've said so many bad things towards everyone here!
> [I don't feel I did but then again you would probably not think
> so as you make everyting personal for some reason or another]
> Anyway, what kind of a list is this?? Isn't this a _discussion_
> forum? But then again you would not see as such....
> I think you consider the bloating of Packages and unusability of
> Debian on a low memory computer unimportant.
> Now if you wish to flame me again, I would suggest you do it in
> private due to the reason you gave above.

I think you've both got enough packages in woody that no-one is going to care 
too much about such things.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't use private email for flames.  But I don't 
think you'll destroy your reputations by it.

You see a lot of people here who don't package anything sending many more 
flames, they are the ones who trash their reputations.

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