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Re: BrainFlex is good for you.

My apologies to the list for one more contribution to this thread.  I
feel I have already made the points I wanted to make about the usefulness
of mencal.  I see very few dissenting opinions on this point.  But Mr. Majer
has chosen to get personal, so I'm going to return him the favour.

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 05:35:49PM -0600, Adam Majer wrote:
> Why? I don't understand why people would hate to do these types of simple
> calculations if they were not ignorant in the first place. Sure, it _may_
> be difficult but isn't it difficult to walk if you didn't walk before?


> This isn't a joke - you don't use your brain, you will loose your brain
> just like people in a wheel chair loose their leg muscles.

By looking at calendars to plan ahead, people aren't using their brains?
There are well-known formulas for calculating when various holidays
throughout the year occur.  Yet many people prefer to look at a calendar.
Tell me why.  This is ignorance?  These people are "losing their brains"?

See, this is what I mean.  You make yourself ridiculous.  You have been
free with your own advice for me and my wife, so I am going to assume
you consider we are on such terms, then, that you will be receptive to
this advice:

	There are things in life more important than "winning"
	an argument on a mailing list.  Furthermore, archives
	of mailing lists such as this serve as a long-term
	reminder to the world of how you deal with other people.
	Think carefully about this before you make each post.

> My suggestion for you and your wife

And what makes you think, after you have repeatedly displayed your ignorance
and insensitivity towards me and my own here, we would consider any advice
given by you seriously? Adam, you have no idea who I am, who my wife is, how
much we use our brains, nor what we need to do with them for our mental
well-being.  You can take your arm-chair counselling and thrust it
vigorously rearward.

> I hope, not necessarly you, but at least some one will not look at this
> as wasted bandwidth.

Don't worry, I'm sure that those who are following your posts are getting
a fair amount of amusement value out of them.  I know my wife and I are.
You had us rolling on the floor the other night.

> > Give it up, Adam.  Every time you open your mouth in this thread, you
> > amplify your ignorance.
> Like an op-amp or a lens? :-]

[1] You know, if you don't exercise your brain to correct your spelling,
    your brain will atrophy, shrivelling up into a tiny raisin.  Heed
    your own advice: use it or lose it.
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