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Re: packaging KMyMoney

also sprach David D.W. Downey <david-downey@codecastle.com> [2002.03.29.0958 +0100]:
> Want to know where all your files are kept? Read the FHS (google.com Linux
> FHS) and the Unix9x (www.opengroup.org) standards. That's where your files
> are kept.

uhm, why are you maling this to me? if kmymoney2 violates the FHS,
then please tell me straight up. i'll blame it on a 15 minute
packaging time and a *not ready* flag.

> Of all the distributions out there today, the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
> follows these standards the closest. So, what you see on a Debian box for
> executable locations, configuration files, log files, local data, and 3rd
> party application locations will most likely (read 98% of the time) be in
> the same locations on a Solaris, HP-UX, Trinux, or Irix box.
> While they may differ in their init styles (Think SysV vs. BSD style) the
> file locations will most likely be the same.

do what? have you ever worked with solaris???

> Just a few things to think about.

that's nice, but i am failing to catch the reference to the thread...

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