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Re: packaging KMyMoney

also sprach Mark Purcell <mark@purcell.homeip.net> [2002.03.29.0054 +0100]:
> msp@dell:~/src$ dpkg-deb -I kmymoney2_0.4pre2-1_i386.deb
> dpkg-deb: `kmymoney2_0.4pre2-1_i386.deb' is not a debian format archive

seamus% dpkg-deb -I kmymoney2_0.4pre2-1_i386.deb | head -1
 new debian package, version 2.0.

works over here... please try redownloading... it's moved to
by the way...

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> is there anything else i can contribute?
the latitude and longitude of the bios writers'
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