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Re: packaging KMyMoney

Want to know where all your files are kept? Read the FHS (google.com Linux
FHS) and the Unix9x (www.opengroup.org) standards. That's where your files
are kept.

The 3 most important standards that ANY Unix/Linux distribution can follow

1) POSIX standard (IEEE standard)

2) FHS 2.0 (File Heirarchy System) (Linux/Unix community-determined

3) Unix9x Standard (OpenGroup standard (they own the Unix trademark and
determine what CAN be called a Unix operating system))

Of all the distributions out there today, the Debian GNU/Linux distribution
follows these standards the closest. So, what you see on a Debian box for
executable locations, configuration files, log files, local data, and 3rd
party application locations will most likely (read 98% of the time) be in
the same locations on a Solaris, HP-UX, Trinux, or Irix box.

While they may differ in their init styles (Think SysV vs. BSD style) the
file locations will most likely be the same.

Also, read the dpkg and apt  man pages and info sheets to learn more about
the toolsets. These tools will tell you where every single file on the
system is located, what package owns them. and what you have installed

All you have to do is use the tools.

Oh BTW, Debian is not bloated. It has a few thousand packages, yes. It's
bloated if you isntall the ones you don't need/use. otherwise, it has a
central repository where you can find software for your particular usage
desires. THAT is NOT bloat!

Just because it has cdrecord but YOU don't have a CDR/CDRW does NOT make the
package bloat, others do.

And remember too.. Debian supports different CPU architectures so yes, it
DOES have thousands and thousands of packages. You are actually cut off from
the total amount of packages by what processor YOU run, since apt will only
look at pacakges YOUR processor can run.

Just a few things to think about.
David D.W. Downey ("pgpkeys")

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