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Re: how-to push a package in testing ?

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 07:51:13AM -0500, christophe barb? wrote:
> > trying: libusb
> > skipped: libusb (118+16)
> >     got: 16+0: a-16
> >     * alpha: gphoto2, gphoto2-dev, gtkam, gtkam-gimp, libgpio-dev, libgpio0, pencam, xsane
> Why it seems to be alpha specific ?

I think that's because it is the first arch listed. So it stops processing
after alpha. I'm not 100% sure though. [99% sure :-]

> gphoto2 (and gtkam,gtkam-gimp btw) in testing doesn't work with libusb currently in
> testing. 
> I don't know for the others.
> How fill a bug will solve that situation ? A few bugs have been
> reported/fixed previously and here we are.
> Should we fill RC bugs ? for gphoto2 or for all ?

I would suggest getting in contact with the maintainers of those packages
so that they get recompiled with the new version of libusb.
They all have to go into testing at the same time otherwise things
might break. Of course, they might already be broken.

If the package do not work in testing because of the broken libusb,
then file a grave bug against it and tag it as woody. If the package
does work with the libusb in testing, then you can file a wishlist bug.

In all cases explain that you filled the bug because of the 
problem with libusb that is fixed now so that their packages
just need to be rebuilt with verion >=x.y.z-a of libusb.

Hopefully this helps,

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