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Re: Debian QA: active or not?

Hi xsdg!

You wrote:

> Is anybody who receives packages@qa.debian.org mail alive?  The most
> recent forwarded and/or fixed (excluding NMU) bug that I found was
> filed in December.  As far as I can see, there are two grave bugs,
> each over 30 days old, 2 serious policy violations, and 6 important
> bugs filed within the past 20 days, all of which are seemingly
> untouched.

AFAIK, packages@qa is in fact an alias for debian-qa-packages@l.d.o.

> I filed my important bug (#138995) 9 days ago.  In those nine days, I haven't
> heard or seen any action on that bug.

Well, the package is orphaned, so feel free to either adopt it, or NMU

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