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Re: BrainFlex is good for you.

"Adam Majer" <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:

> Why? I don't understand why people would hate to do these types of simple
> calculations if they were not ignorant in the first place. Sure, it _may_
> be difficult but isn't it difficult to walk if you didn't walk before?

Why even have a calculator?  Heck, a piece of paper can replace Emacs
too.  The point of computers here is to make things *easier*.

> For example, Mr. Hawking. I'm more than sure that he would have been
> dead many moons ago if it wasn't for the fact that he uses actually
> uses his brain. Doctors have told him that his condition is terminal
> after about 6 months and here he is 20 years later.

So you really thing ALS (motor neuron disease) has anything to do with
the central nervous system?  This is really amazing, each time you
bring another subject into the discussion, your ignorance shows up
even more.

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