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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

> I'm not sure it will increase the speed really much, it would at least
> make the Packages files a lot smaller.

The problem is: will it help saving unnecessary download of files?
That way, apt-get update would have to load hundrets of files...

That's why i suggested using flavours. Our System is ready for flavours.
We have the package pool ;)
People running Debian on a desktop then wouldn't need to load infos
about Roxen Challenger for example.

> I think there are virtual consoles available when installing most
> packages, you can use that to read the documentation. Maybe also

The documentation probably is not yet extracted during "configuration"
phase... is it?

> IMHO debconf should be used for every configurable thing. It's nice to
> have a common interface for this.

Sure, i'd love being able to configure even things as _user_ with
debconf, just to have this common interface. But there should be a
difference between install-time-questions,
any-time-configuration-questions and user-configuration-questions.
We don't have the last; debconf right now is designed for the first and
used for the first two things... (for example openldap confiugration
IMHO doesn't belong into the system installation phase...
Having an empty directory running is not much better than having none
running at all ;)

> I don't know how far Marcus is with his console server for the Hurd, I
> think mouse support doesn't exist, but when we add it it will probably
> a bit better. :)

I have very high expectations of the Hurd...
Is speed improved by now? Last i heard, the hurd was still having speed
problems due to the many process and context switches. :-(


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