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Re: sid: libc6-2.2.5-4 kills vmware workstation 3.0

** On Mar 26, Mike Phillips scribbled:
> Upgrading to libc6-2.2.5-4 kills vmware 3.0 workstation for linux. 
> Vmware exits with a AIO: NOT_IMPLEMENTED error. 
> Downgrading back to 2.2.5-3 fixed the problem.
> I'm not sure if this is a mistake or vmware just needs to catch up to
> the latest libc6. 
It's some problem with the Debian libc, most probably. VMware fails
comunication using the IPC mechanism (check out your VM log for the
messages, or strace vmware as root) - I'm not sure what's the problem,
though, yet.


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