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Re: What to do with a dead upstream popular application (IceWm)

>   I maintain icewm (-gnome, -lite and -experimental) and it is dead
>   upstream since last October. The latest upstream author (there have
>   been two developers) recently announced he does not intend to
>   continue the project. 

I recently ran into this with blackbox.  My approach was to take over the
upstream and make this my main hacking project.  Definately not for everyone.

My experience with projects that lose their main hackers are that one of two
things happen.  Either everyone eventually says "you know there is something
better over here" or someone stands up and takes the reins.  I presume you are
on the icewm lists, perhaps you can agitate for someone or a group of someones
to rekindle the project.  If there are a few of you no one need bear all of
the burden.

If you do not want to use the package any more you should abandon it.  Let
someone else who cares deal with it.  As myself and others have said before,
one of Debian's key strengths is that the people doing the work are doing it
because they want to and enjoy it not because they feel they have to or their
bosses force them to.

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