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Re: What to do with a dead upstream popular application (IceWm)

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:

>>   I maintain icewm (-gnome, -lite and -experimental) and it is dead
>>   upstream since last October. The latest upstream author (there have
>>   been two developers) recently announced he does not intend to
>>   continue the project. 
> I recently ran into this with blackbox.  My approach was to take over the
> upstream and make this my main hacking project.  Definately not for everyone.

  I recently wanted to know what was happening on the blackbox from and
  saw your name, although you are not in the developers' list. Now I
  know why ...

> My experience with projects that lose their main hackers are that one of two
> things happen.  Either everyone eventually says "you know there is something
> better over here" or someone stands up and takes the reins.  I presume you are
> on the icewm lists, perhaps you can agitate for someone or a group of someones
> to rekindle the project.  If there are a few of you no one need bear all of
> the burden.

  You're right. There are many people interested in icewm as users but
  not as developers. As I said previously, we tried to hack a bit on it but
  we realized that the code was dirty and not very easy to understand.

  Although I don't want to hack on the current codebase, I would volonteer
  on starting from scratch a full-compatible icewm clone, and well
  documented this time. And I think I have enough motivation ofr this.

> If you do not want to use the package any more you should abandon it.  Let
> someone else who cares deal with it.  As myself and others have said before,
> one of Debian's key strengths is that the people doing the work are doing it
> because they want to and enjoy it not because they feel they have to or their
> bosses force them to.

  It saddens me, really. And I don't like the idea of letting our users on their
  own ...

Jérôme Marant <jerome@marant.org>


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