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What to do with a dead upstream popular application (IceWm) ?


  I'm currently facing a problem and I have no idea how to handle

  I maintain icewm (-gnome, -lite and -experimental) and it is dead
  upstream since last October. The latest upstream author (there have
  been two developers) recently announced he does not intend to
  continue the project. 

  Since October, many bugs have been filed in the Debian BTS and
  the Sourceforce IceWM BTS : Julien Lemoine (mostly), a new
  Debian maintainer, and me are the only persons who commited in
  icewm CVS recently in order to fix upstream bugs.
  Unfortunately, the code is quite hard to maintain (many side
  effects) and very buggy. We both do not want to spend more
  time on it because it requires more commitment that we expected.
  We also want to keep some time for our personal projects.
  So the question is: what shall I do with Icewm since it is
  is quite popular in Debian? Since bugs can't be fixed, shall
  I orphan it? Any other idea?
  The ideal would be that someone decides to spend some time
  on the code and become a motivated upstream developer.
  Thanks for your comments.

Jérôme Marant

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