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Re: /etc/mailname

>>"christophe" == christophe barbé <christophe.barbe.ml@online.fr> writes:

 christophe> Ok So as I understand it, this file should be owned by
 christophe> the MTA.  It is disapointed to see a file in /etc owned
 christophe> by nobody, especially for one so much used.

	Why should it be owned by the MTA? I have machines for which
 there is no local MTA, but mail user agents talk smtp directly to a
 smart host machine. In that case, my MUA creates the file as needed. 

	Emacs uses this file, so it could own it too (emacs should not
 depend on a MTA). mailagent uses and creates the file as needed. 

	Packages that use it should test and cerate it as required.

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