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Re: /etc/mailname

>>"Matthew" == Matthew Palmer <mjp16@ieee.uow.edu.au> writes:

 Matthew> On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Santiago Vila wrote:
 >> Yves Arrouye wrote:
 >> > [ about /etc/mailname ].
 >> > But some package should own it yes.
 >> It has never been a requirement that every file in the system
 >> should be owned in the "dpkg -S" sense by some package.

 Matthew> However, if a file is deleted that is not owned by any
 Matthew> package, then no package should have a problem with that.  I

	Sounds like no package did.

 Matthew> don't think that's the case for /etc/mailname.  I seem to
 Matthew> recall having mail sent as 'mjp16@<null>' (yes, entirely
 Matthew> literal string) at one point in the dim past, as a result of
 Matthew> not having an /etc/mailname.

	Heh. If you removed the file, then that is what you wanted,
 evidently. The human is god, to user programs (have we already
 forgotten tron?)

 Matthew> If a package wants a file, it should either own it or depend
 Matthew> on a package that does.

	That would not help. If you went and removed the file, even if
 it was a conffile.

	If you remove files from /etc, you ought to know what you  are doing.

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