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Open source VOCAL software from www.vovida.org


I would like to introduce VOCAL which is an open source software which
enables ISPs, ASPs, Telecom service providers, system administrators to
provide SIP (Session Initiation
Protocol) based voice services over an IP network or internet. For more info
on SIP please refer: http://www.cs.columbia.edu/sip. For e.g. MSN-4.6 uses
SIP to communicate.

VOCAL software is available from www.vovida.org. It utilizes an OSI approved
"BSD-style" license, The Vovida Software License
(http://www.vovida.org/About/license.html), which allows you to use the code
and binaries for your developmental or commercial purposes. There is no cost
or charge for using Vovida code.

VOCAL servers are  scalable and highly distributed implemented using C++ and
Java for GUI.  VOCAL can be downloaded and installed on 1 to N Linux/Solaris
servers. VOCAL is tested with Cisco 7960 SIP phones, Cisco ATA-186,
Linphone, MSN-4.6 and Cisco AS-5300 PSTN gateways.

VOCAL comes with a best effort mailing list support. VOCAL has over 1000
mailing lists subscribers.  VOCAL has a lots of potential and is quite
stable as an open source project.  For the last 12 months we have over
300,000 hits to our site.

I would like to ask if any volunteer Debian developer is interested in
packaging VOCAL software so VOCAL can be available from the Debian Linux

Let me know if you are interested,


Raghavan Kripakaran

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