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Re: Outside of Debian (Re: Package splitting and upgrades)

Lex Spoon <lex@cc.gatech.edu> wrote:
[setting up your own APT repository]

> I have no idea how you worked it out in 15 minutes. It took me
> something like 3-4 hours to put 5 packages plus source into an
> apt-get-able repository.  It's not well documented, and it doesn't
> really make sense to me.

I'd say 30 minutes with sources.list(5), dpkg-scanpackages(1) and
dpkg-scansources(1), or 10 minutes with (groups.)google.com, eg. it
is documented (in German) in the debian-user-german-FAQ
http://www.sylence.de/dudfaq/ _if_ you want to publish only for one
architecture and can live with a flat directory-layout. You do not
need to separate binary-all and binary-{i386,arm, ...} and component
in apt sources.list is optional, too:

cd /dir/with/debs/and/sources
dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9 > Packages.gz
dpkg-scansources . | gzip -9 > Sources.gz

Line for apt-get:
deb http://path/to/dir/with/debs/and/sources/ ./
deb-src http://path/to/dir/with/debs/and/sources/ ./

or deb http://path/to/dir/ with/debs/and/sources/

> Lots of the layout still seems odd to me. Why is there one level of
> categorization, followed by division by architecture, and then a second
> level of categorization?

Probably tradition, the directory layout on the debian-mirrors is
older than apt (at least the location of Packages.gz)

> Architecture either first or last would make
> more sense.  Also, why does there *have* to be an override file, if I
> don't want to override anything?

Use /dev/null as override.

> The tools support is very limited.  dpkg-scanpackages and
> dpkg-scansources are okay, but they, too, took some fiddling: 

Are you looking for apt-ftparchive(1)?
              cu andreas
Unofficial _Debian-packages_ of latest _tin_

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