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Re: ITP: autorun (automount daemon for e.g. cdrom devices)

On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 01:09:15AM -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 02, 2002 at 03:55:11AM +0100, Christian Hammers wrote:
> > Hello
> > 
> > I intend to package the program "autorun" which is available from
> >         http://sourceforge.net/projects/autorun/
> > 
> > The upstream description is:
> >         > autorun automagically recognizes all available CDROMs in the
> >         > system, mounts them upon insertion of a media and executes a
> >         > possible autorun executable on the CD. The user can remove the
> >         > media; autorun will call unmount after that.
> "I am ecstatic that some moron re-invented a 1995 windows fuckup."
>         -- Alan Cox
> Alan was referring to this program.
> While I have no problem with smart cdrom/floppy handling, running ANYTHING
> on the CD automatically is deserving of a severity grave bug against the
> package:
> 2 grave      makes the package in question unusable or mostly so, or causes
>              data loss, or introduces a security hole allowing access to the
>              accounts of users who use the package.
> The second half of that most certainly applies.  If the autorun functions
> cannot be seperated easily from the automount functions, this package
> should not go into Debian.

I agree 100% with you about this. There is only one case I can think of
where such a program could be useful to people migrating from above
mentioned OS without affecting security (much): automatic playing of
music (and perhaps also video) cd's/dvd's.
Dunno if this is possible with autorun though.


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