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ITP: autorun (automount daemon for e.g. cdrom devices)


I intend to package the program "autorun" which is available from

The upstream description is:
        > autorun automagically recognizes all available CDROMs in the
        > system, mounts them upon insertion of a media and executes a
        > possible autorun executable on the CD. The user can remove the
        > media; autorun will call unmount after that.

So the program is mainly targeted to "desktop" user who knows that his
programs just freeze when he ejects the CD while playing music from it
but likes the comfort he is used from some other well known OSes.

The daemon is written in C++ and, according to the homepage and my
experiences in a stable state. It has been licensed under the GPL.

For security reasons I probably disable any autorun/notify features by
default and ask via debconf before starting the daemon on boot time.
Of course the user will be able to customize the startup options in a
configuration file.

Please tell me if you would like to see a Debian package of it or have
concerns against packaging it.



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