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Re: Proposal to help Debian release on time

Jeroen Dekkers <jeroen@dekkers.cx> cum veritate scripsit:

> > It would help greatly. Doing this would probably give you
> > more clue about Debian.
> I don't see why I need more clue about Debian. I also don't see why
> you have to attack me personal by saying that I need more clue. Give
> me arguments and facts instead, I can do something with that. Point me
> to documentation talking about the things I was talking about and were
> already implemented. But please, don't tell me what to do, I consider
> myself old enough to decide that myself.

No I am not attacking you personally. 
I am walking around recommending this mailing list to random people.

debian-bugs-dist sends you a copy of every single Bug Tracking System
mail. Skimming through it will give people an idea of 
what kind of bugs are holding up Debian.

debian-devel-changes sends you a copy of every single Debian package
changelog. Skimming through it will give an idea of 
what kind of activity Debian is getting.

Some experience in reading those lists would really help to
understand the actual scale and speed that Debian is running at.

Really, Debian is a pretty poorly documented system, 
and it would really help if you could help improve that 
Talking in debian-devel doesn't usually help, because it
is deep underneath the high traffic, and people will forget,
and will be difficult to find the specific mails 
in the mail archive.

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