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Proposal to help Debian release on time


Proposal to help Debian release on time.

Add a 4th version of a package called fallback. This package version should
not have any RC bugs. So now you have stable, fallback, testing and unstable
package versions in the pool.

The advantage of this is that that the release manager can choose the
fallback version if the testing version has RC bugs. Currently he can only
request priority bug fixs.

The second advantage is that priority bug fixs can be spead out more evenly
over the whole year, not just when a release is due. (see rule 3 below)

Some rules:

Fallback would start off beening a link to the same package version as stable.

When the version in testing has no RC bugs for say 6 weeks it moves to fallback.

If the fallback version gets a RC bug, a bug fix should be a priority. It
becomes the highest priority if the package is in base or important.
Debian QA should monitor these fixs.

Cheers Rob.

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