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Re: SPAM vs. open list

On Sun, 2002-02-10 at 01:52, Ean Schuessler wrote:
> Its a ridiculous situation.
> So, yes! Please! Lets do something about SPAM on the lists.
> (At the very least we could write a script that sends non-subscribers
> back a usage agreement and holds their mail until they send back an
> affirmation to our usage policy. This would help us from a legal
> perspective as well.)

I think I will just repeat my previous message on this subject again, as
nobody seems to have noticed or cared much for it. :(

As far as I can imagine this is really a good solution for preventing
spam. Unfortuneately I haven't had the time to look at it myself, but it
strikes me as being A Good Thing.

> On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 12:56, Juha Jäykkä wrote:
> >   It seems we have an agreement on not closing the list to
> > only as a measure against spam. Spam is irritating, how ever and I
> > guess the amount of non-subscriber postings is quite low, so this
makes me
> > think of an alternative solution: Why not moderate the postings of
> > non-subscribers? It would be easy to stop the spams at moderators
and let
> > valid mails through.
> There is an alternative in between an open list and a subscribed list,
> that I quite like. I am intending to use this at out company, when I
> find the time :( 
> http://software.libertine.org/tmda/ is Tagged Message Delivery Agent.
> The gist is that the first time you send email to the receiveing SMTP
> server is generates a request, which it sends to you, asking if you
> really sure you wish to submit this email to the server. The sender
> has to reply including a tag.
> Is it viable to implement this on lists.debian.org?

Lars Bahner,

Nihil est sine ratione cur potius sit, quam non sit.

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