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Re: facilitating donations

martin f krafft <madduck@madduck.net> writes:

> also sprach Anders Jackson <anders.jackson@minpost.nu> [2002.02.07.0547 +0100]:
> > I don't think a company will work very well in some countries (like
> > Sweden).  You will be taxed like one, and if your company doesn't do
> > right, you will be taxed quite much (but if you invests a lot in the
> > company, you will get low taxes.  Which means "the money has to work")
> i doubt that sweden lacks the concept of a charitable organization.

We do, but not in the forms usually done in USA (or some other counties
which also differs from USA)
> > So a solution for each country should (and have to) be worked out
> > separately.
> quite obviously. which is going to be one of the major problems, and
> i am not entirely sure how to develop a solution.

I know, but someone should spell it out so not to be overlooked :-)

> i think that in the beginning stages of a project like this, it will
> suffice if you just work your way down the demographic list of users
> sorted in decreasing order of popularity. us works, germany too. now
> the UK and other countries should be "attacked" (oh lord, just set off
> echelon).

> > And the goals for those organisations should be set, but
> > not the means(sp?).

> they don't have goals differing from debian's. means (sp correct) are
> country specific. what they do need to have is some form of
> organization and a trust management.

Sounds good to me.


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