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Re: facilitating donations

On Fri, 2002-02-01 at 17:26, John H. Robinson, IV wrote:
> the hard part, or potentially legally sticking point, would be to make
> points of contact within each country. i have no knowledge of such
> things, so i can't even begin to imagine how such a thing would be.
> would it be one Global Organisation, or a bunch of loosley knit
> coöperating organisations, all with the same name? i don't know.

Well, it would certainly be possible to set up a company in each country
with its stock wholly owned by SPI Inc.  Then, at least in theory, the
SPI board would be able to set policy at some high level, and leave the
day-to-day administration up to the discretion of the subsidiary's

If donors are going to be encouraged to give to the local organisation
rather than directly to SPI (which is obviously the point of the whole
exercise) then there will certainly need to be some kind of global
policy on spending put in place, otherwise donors will have no
confidence that their money will actually end up being spent on the
things they intended.  I guess that would take the form of needing to
get authorisation from the SPI board or treasurer before parting with
more than a certain amount of cash.  Donations of equipment and other
relatively illiquid assets are probably not such a big deal from that
point of view.


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