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kernel-* packages: what about rtlinux etc. ?

Well, i don't know much about rtlinux, and i don't know if it's a patch
to the linux kernel, or more like a different kernel tree...
But we should perhaps treat the realtime linux kernel somehow equal to
the linux kernel? So the i386-linux arch has currently two different
kernels, i386-hurd is progressing (weren't they hoping for a new kernel,
too?) and i386-netbsd is advaning as well...

What about NetBSD: could the debian NetBSD Version be run with an
OpenBSD or FreeBSD kernel? or does this require recompiled packages?
If not, it should be called i386-bsd perhaps, so different kernels can
be added later on...

We'll need major infrastructure modifications to include the kernel into
the package name and mirror hierarchy, won't we?


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