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Re: Debian Organization

>>"Stephen" == Stephen Robertson <srobertson@cfl.rr.com> writes:

 Stephen> In my opinion, Debian is becoming unmaintainable.  There
 Stephen> are way too many packages; 

 I think I first heard that sentiment back in '94, (or was it '93?)
 When Ian Murdock realized he could no longer package all of Debian by

	Strangely enough, Debian survived.

	Then followed a major change in infrastructure, when we went
 from One developer to, umm, more than one. All kinds of policies had
 to be put in place. Upload directories were suddenly needed. 

	Sure we have growing pains. We just need to realize that, and
 find ways to muddle through, creating methods and policies as
 needed, without drowning in bureaucracy.

 Many people write memos to tell you they have nothing to say.
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