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Re: Debian Organization

On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 01:09:28AM -0500, Stephen Robertson wrote:
> I've been following with some interest the recent discussions regarding 
> the release of Woody and the problems that must still be overcome.  In 
> my opinion, Debian is becoming unmaintainable.  There are way too many 
> packages;  many of them are probably used by very few users.  It's 
> become too easy for a new package to get added to the system.  Debian is 
> losing it's focus.  Instead of developing a complete Unix-like operating 
> system, it seems likes it's now just distributing a lot of useless 
> software.  I'm fast losing interest in Debian, and I think the Debian 
> project needs to re-evaluate it's priorities.  Mechanisms need to be put 
> in place to make it more difficult to add software to the archive. 
> Packages that serve only a tiny audience should be removed from the 
> archive.  Orphaned packages, unless they serve a critical need of the 
> system as a whole, should also be removed.  If developers want to 
> distribute their software, let them upload them to an FTP server, or 
> create an account on SourceForge.  Unless a software package adds some 
> significant to new feature or functionality to the operating system as a 
> whole, it shouldn't be added to the archive.  If something is not done 
> soon, Debian will eventually reach a point where it is no longer 
> maintainable due to the overwhelming number of packages it provides.

You know, I bet we get an email like this about once every two or three
weeks, since as long as I can remember (for several years).

People (not talking to Stephen directly), stating the obvious has zero
effect. How about putting up code/fully thought out proposals, instead
of starting this thread time and time again.


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