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Re: State of debianutils

Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Certainly not. Not a single developer has to be subscribed to
> debian-devel whatever package he's maintaining. You only have to be
> subscribed to debian-devel-announce.

Personally, when a debian developer tells me they're not subscribed to
this list, my opinion of them goes down a (small) notch. If you're not
interested in debian in general, but just your own little corner, fine,
but such people don't contribute as much to debian as do those who
bother to keep up with what's going on as a whole.

OTOH, I'm still suprised that more people don't subscribe to
debian-bugs-dist and debian-devel-changes. 100% signal, no noise at all,
and reading every bug report filed on every package in debian and every
changelog entry (when one has time) is very useful.

see shy jo

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