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Re: Two suggestions for woody release

Darren Salt wrote:
> I demand that Keith G. Murphy may or may not have written...

OK, I give in!  :-)
> [snip]
> > The useability of stable has long been hampered by the fact that AFAIK
> > there's no ((semi-?)official) way for a Debian developer to:
> > * Add a package (possibly held up prior by an RC bug)
> > * Apply a (possibly trivial) bug fix (non-security-related) to a package
> > and make the update available to users of stable.
> Perhaps packages.d.o should cover security and possibly also
> potato-proposed-updates? That way, users of stable could look to see what's
> changed without having to wait for the next release or add p-p-u to their
> sources.conf.
Unfortunately, (nearly?) everything in p-p-u *is* security-related,
AFAICT.  I can also see that putting other things in there would make
more work for the release managers.

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