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Re: Debian Password Manager

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 04:26:58PM -0500, Scott Henson wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 16:03, Chad C. Walstrom wrote:
> > I'm not against naming software for Debian, but I question the motive
> > and appropriateness.  What is distribution specific about your proposed
> > password manager?  Why is it important to have that specific component?
> > 
> > dpkg makes sense, since it is a distribution specific tool.  debhelper
> > makes sense, since it is a tool for maintaining *.deb's.  
> > 
> > So, let us know why this tool is Debian specific and why it should not
> > be a general tool for other distributions?

It is not Debian-specific at all.  However, it will be primarily written
with debian in mind, and will strive to produce a quality product in honour
of its current namesake.

It certainly won't be the first time something has been named in this way
(esd and eterm come to mind).

If you still object to the current name, please feel free to suggest
another. :)

> Now on the subject of a debian specific names.  The people working on
> this are all debian affectionados.  Also we want to make this as UI as
> possible.



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