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Re: Debian Password Manager

On Tue, 2002-01-29 at 16:03, Chad C. Walstrom wrote:
> I'm not against naming software for Debian, but I question the motive
> and appropriateness.  What is distribution specific about your proposed
> password manager?  Why is it important to have that specific component?
> dpkg makes sense, since it is a distribution specific tool.  debhelper
> makes sense, since it is a tool for maintaining *.deb's.  
> So, let us know why this tool is Debian specific and why it should not
> be a general tool for other distributions?

Well first I think I should start by explaining what exactly we are
planning on doing.  There are many programs in the debian distribution
that save passwords for remote websites, ftp, instant messageing, and
other stuff.  Now it is our opinion that these programs store passwords
in insecure ways.  Now what we would like to do is make a set of
libraries avaliable to store passwords in an encrypted database.  Now
with this we also want to run a deamon to keep the master password in
unswapable memory and keep that same password out of the memory space of
untrusted code.  We have been discussing it extensivly and we are gonna
post our conclusions to dpasman.sf.org We should post it in the next few

Now on the subject of a debian specific names.  The people working on
this are all debian affectionados.  Also we want to make this as UI as
possible.  The project name is Debian Password Manager because that is
what we descided on.  Now the name of the program itself does not have
to be debian specific.  That is why we are asking.  What should we name
it?  We are open to all suggestions.  Thankyou

-Scott Henson


 "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty: power is ever stealing from
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people can be quiet and safe.  At such times despotism, like a shrouding
mist, steals over the mirror of Freedom"
- Wendell Phillips

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