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Re: SPAM vs. open list

Juha Jäykkä <juhaj@iki.fi> writes:
> It seems we have an agreement on not closing the list to subscribers
> only as a measure against spam. Spam is irritating, how ever and I
> would guess the amount of non-subscriber postings is quite low, so
> this makes me think of an alternative solution: Why not moderate the
> postings of non-subscribers? It would be easy to stop the spams at
> moderators and let valid mails through.

Not everyone sends from the same address they are subscribed as, and
some aren't subscribed directly at all but instead read through a
mail->news gateway or similar.

One solution to this is to have an additional subscription list which
permits posting to the main list but doesn't send them the articles;
then those who read without being subscribed can still post without
creating work for, or being delayed by, any hypothetical moderators.

A variant of this approach is for everyone who wants to post to be
subscribed, but to be able to prevent list messages being sent to


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