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Re: fun with libgal

Bart Schuller <schuller@lunatech.com> cum veritate scripsit:

> Should anyone encounter upstream people that need to be clued in, point
> them to http://pobox.com/~hp/parallel.html
> It's nice reading for Debian maintainers as well.

This part is rather troublesome:

	Why aren't library sonames good enough?

	Library sonames only address the problem of runtime linking previously-compiled applications. They don't address the issue of compiling applications that require a previous version, and they don't address anything other than libraries.

Because we have a system for having libfooXX-dev installed 
at one apt-get install away,
and have the Build-Depends: infrastructure.

So, if people are too scared about renaming every directory
on each -dev version, at least they should take the soname approach
(which is not quite discussed there).

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