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Re: fun with libgal

On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

> > > Then the library interface has changed.
> > > libgtkhtml20 should no longer be called libgtkhtml20.
> > The .so name is given by upstream - we can't simply change it only because
> > we recompile our libgtkhtml package with a more recent libgal.
> Then bash the upstream to change the soname.

There's no reason for upstream to change the soname when nothing within
the library changed...

> And maybe work around it so that we will have a
> PACKAGE with a NAME called libgtkhtml20-1, or libgtkhgtml20debian1 or
> something that will conflict with libgtkhtml20, containing the
> libgtkhtml.so.20

Then you have to recompile all packages that depend on libgtkhtml20 -
wasn't the reason for your suggested change to avoid the recompilation of
binary packages?

IMHO it's the best to stay with only one libgalXY package but perhaps with
a bit more soordination between the maintainers (see my other mail).

> regards,
> 	junichi


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