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No LOCALE support with X-Server/Libs

Dear Audience,

using Debian Potato 2.2r4 on my machine, I experience reproducible
crashes of Netscape on startup with following message:

> netscape
netscape: locale `C' not supported.
        Perhaps the $XNLSPATH environment variable is not set correctly?
Bus error

This happens, since I upgraded from 2.2r0 to 2.2r4. Other applications are
broken too since then, all complaining about locales.
Any hints, what $XNLSPATH means (i.e. what to set it to)?

This packages are installed:

ii  xlib6            3.3.6-11potato32 shared libraries required by libc5 X clients
ri  xlib6g           3.3.6-11potato32 shared libraries required by X clients
ri  xlib6g-dev       3.3.6-11potato32 include files and libraries for X client develop
ii  xfree86-common   3.3.6-11potato32 X Window System (XFree86) infrastructure
ii  xserver-3dlabs   3.3.6-11potato32 X server for 3DLabs GLINT and Permedia-based gra...
ii  libc5            5.4.46-3         The Linux C library version 5
ii  libc5-altdev     5.4.46-3         The Linux C library version 5
ii  libc6            2.2.4-3          GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone dat
ii  libc6-dev        2.2.4-3          GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Header
(did I miss anything relevant?)

 - the desired state "r" stems from an atempt to remove the packages, as
I wanted to install XFree86 4.1.0 from scratch wich didn't work, since
I couldn't create a valid configuration file (help also appreciated).
(As you can see above, I use an Elsa GLoria L/MX 816 card and the appropriate
X-Server. I wanted the promised acceleration.)

One major problem now is the impossibility to check, whether I overwrote anything,
because these Debian packages have no MD5-sums!
(though I made a backup of /etc/X11 and /urs/X11R6 before the 4.1.0 trial
and restored it)
(where is the right place for this and other kind suggestions
regarding packaging?;-)

BTW: If I want to make sure, that all packages are taken from 2.2r4 and
not from 2.2r0, what's the correct way to do this (in the light of forthcoming 2.2r5)?
 - Is there a way to tell, whence a certain installed package came?
(distro, alien, home-brew,...)

My desktop now is KDE 2.2.1, Qt 2.3.1 compiled from scratch, but Netscape
didn't work with the old KDE either.

Please do respond to my email adress as well, since I have not subscribed to

With Best Regards,


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