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Potato to Woody dist-upgrade problems

I've resolved all the major problems I've had upgrading my laptop from
Potato to Woody. Here is a short report:

apt-get dist-upgrade

does a pretty good job, but there are several packages that disapear even
though they have valid and useful replacement candidates. It isn't clear
to me just what apt-get needs to make this work, but it currently doesn't
cope very well.


man: replaced by man-db and becomes a virtual package. apt-get removes it
     and fails to replacy it with man-db.

xserver-svga: Doesn't configure properly on upgrade, and should be
replaced by xserver-xfree86. When you install xserver-sfree86, the debconf
scripts are able to create a XF86Configure file that works.

xfonts-100dpi and xfonts-75dpi: are removed, but their replacement
package, xfonts-base, is not installed. This causes the "fixed" fonts to
not be found. Some form of server dependency would fix this one.

Principle tools needed by either wdm, or wmaker, (I haven't figured out
which) are provided by xbase-clients, which is not installed during the

At least one of these problems (xfonts-base) can be fixed with a depends
in the right place. I'm not sure about the others.

My current question is: How much of this is going to be fixed in the final
release, and how much should I discuss in my book?


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