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Re: VIM features

Wichert Akkerman declaimed:
> Previously Paul Mackinney wrote:
> > What would be helpful is a README.Debian file in /usr/doc/vim that
> > alerts the user to the existence of /etc/vim/vimrc and its nice set of
> > potential customizations.  I had overlooked the vim stuff in /etc, but I 
> > have learned to check the /usr/doc directory.
> Feel free to write one :)
> Wichet.

What I was thinking of is this simple, proposed pathname


Administrators are encouraged to review the default configuration files 
/etc/vim/gvimrc and /etc/vim/vimrc. 

These contain useful examples and instructions for globally enabling 
some of Vim's non-vi features such as syntax highlighting and automatic 


HTH, Paul
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