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Re: VIM features

Previously Caleb Shay wrote:
> I second this.  For example, at the bottom of /etc/vim/vimrc there are
> several lines commented out "as they cause vim to behave a lot different
> from regular vi".  However, as was pointed out below, vim is NOT the
> default vi when you install, so why not enable some more of it's better
> features.

Because I'm not willing to for several reasons:

1. every time I enable a feature that makes vim a bit more unlike vi
   I get multiple bugreports
2. vim is very well documented, if people want to try any of its
   features they can trivially enable them themselves
3. which features you want enabled is a very personal choice, one that I
   am not willing to make for users. So I'll always pick the choice
   that makes vim more like stock vi. This keeps things consistent
   and prevents endless debates.

Also, please keep this thread on debian-user instead of debian-devel,
since the choice directly affects the user experience and is not
related to Debian development.


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