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Re: Bug#129604: general: Social Contract: We Do Hide Problems

>>"Fabian" == Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> writes:

	You are missing the point below.  You are in no condition to
 assess the readiness of my backup security plans. Or are you assuming
 your customers are incompetent morons? No one but me can actually
 assess what usae I can make of the information provided. 

 Fabian> On Sat, 2002-01-19 at 01:39, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
 >> If you are the only locksmith in creation, it is one
 >> thing. Me, as a farmer, I have
 >> a) The old drop-bar and chain system my grandpappy used before we
 >> b ought your new fangled buggy lock
 >> b) I can let the dogs roam free at night, instead of letting them
 >> sleep by the hearth.
 >> c) Me, the missus, and johnny can take turns watching the door
 >> with ole bessy the blunderbuss

 Fabian> Sure, you can use those... If the chain isn't completely
 Fabian> rusty...

	How do *YOU* know about the status of _my_ chain?

 Fabian>  and the dogs like some raw beef the thieves might
 Fabian> bring along...

	I know my dogs. I trust my dogs. I sure as hell no longer
 trust you ...

 Fabian> and you don't run outta ammo...

	Hell, if my 10cases of ammo and my cell phone to the sherriff
 aint enough to phase the crooks, you sure as hell don't have a
 solution to stop 'em either. 

	Sounds like you are stretching things mighty thin just to keep
 in busies.

 >> d) enter an order with the blacksmith down the street who has an
 >> non buggy lock, and can come fix it before you have your patch
 >> kit in place.

 Fabian> Sorry, man, he's using the same lock mechanism as I am, just
 Fabian> as buggy.

	Says you. You know all the locksmiths there are in town? You
 know about my nephew who is doing his masters in locksmithing? You
 know I can switch from using the parn door to using a portcullis? I
 casn get anti-theft monitorig service? That I can sleep in the barn?

	Who gave you the right to assume risks for my business?

 Fabian> In fact, it's the same mechanism that most locksmiths have
 Fabian> used for years everywhere. So we agreed to fix it everywhere
 Fabian> as soon as possible, and not let the thieves know before it's
 Fabian> done.

	Yeah right. If I were a thief, I would have a few people
 apprentice with the locksmiths -- that way I know way before the
 suvkers^H^H^H^Hfarmers about how to open locks.

	I see me and betsy have more places to visit. Indeed, perhaps
 I ought to get a lawyer and see about this conspiracy to defraud
 honest farmers by all themm locksmiths out there.

 >> Man, if I learn that you knew about the bugs, and you let the
 >> theives come get me cattle cause you wanted to keep business away
 >> from Rick-the-other-locksmith, me and betsy come gonna pay youse a
 >> visit for hiding the secret and letting the vvarmints steal my milk
 >> cows. 

 Fabian> I suppose yer gonna have to talk to the sheriff 'bout this
 Fabian> one...

	Or me lawyer.

 Fabian> Betsy ain't gonna bring yer cattle back, ya know.

	Shore 'nuff shall give me satisfacshun, though. 

 Fabian> What would you do if you learned that the thieves read the
 Fabian> newspaper and found out how to open the locks that way? Shoot
 Fabian> the type-setter?

	As long as I know about the problem with the lock, I can make
 sure the thieves get a warm welcome. But if only the locksmiths and
 the thieves know, well, some locksmiths better have kevlar vests.

 There's no such thing as a free lunch. Milton Friendman
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