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Re: Bug#129604: general: Social Contract: We Do Hide Problems

>>"Fabian" == Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe@paniq.net> writes:

 Fabian> Consider the following:

	Ok, I'll bite, Mr Bones.

 Fabian> You are a farmer. You have cows and horses in a barn. You
 Fabian> know there are thieves out there who would not hesitate to
 Fabian> steal your cattle if given a chance. To prevent that from
 Fabian> happening, you buy a lock for the barn door from your local
 Fabian> locksmith. The locksmith also provides locks for many other
 Fabian> farmers in your area.  One day, the locksmith discovers that
 Fabian> the particular kind of lock that you and others have, can
 Fabian> easily be opened by using a needle or pin of some kind. What
 Fabian> should the locksmith do?  Should he post a notice in the town
 Fabian> newspaper that states the lock isn't safe, and describe how
 Fabian> it can be opened without the correct key, possibly drawing
 Fabian> thieves to try and steal the cattle while the insecure locks
 Fabian> are in use? Or should he develop a fix as soon as possible
 Fabian> and have fixed locks or a fixing kit available in his shop -
 Fabian> and then make the issue public?

	If you are the only locksmith in creation, it is one
 thing. Me, as a farmer, I have
    a) The old drop-bar and chain system my grandpappy used before we
       b ought your new fangled buggy lock
    b) I can let the dogs roam free at night, instead of letting them
       sleep by the hearth.
    c) Me, the missus, and johnny can take turns watching the door
       with ole bessy the blunderbuss
    d) enter an order with the blacksmith down the street who has an
       non buggy lock, and can come fix it before you have your patch
       kit in place.

	Man, if I learn that you knew about the bugs, and you let the
 theives come get me cattle cause you wanted to keep business away
 from Rick-the-other-locksmith, me and betsy come gonna pay youse a
 visit for hiding the secret and letting the vvarmints steal my milk

 getting really furious at the locksmith
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