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Re: non-ASCII characters in /etc/locales.alias ?


At Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:54:39 -0500,
Glenn Maynard wrote:

> The only thing I might call "wrong" about this is just a nitpick: you
> need a Japanese-capable locale, not a Japanese locale.  (en_US.UTF-8 is
> fine, you don't need ja_JP.XXX.)

No, I cannot _input_ Japanese character in non-Japanese locale so far.
(Note, not _display_ but _input_).  If you can input Japanese characters
in non-Japanese locale, how did you do?  In hexadecimal codepoint,
or, copy-and-paste from other softwares?

> Well, that's valid SJIS: 蹂裼.  Perhaps his shell session is set to
> POSIX, but his xterm "intelligently" figures it out?  (I don't like
> things doing that; it obscures problems and confuses people.)

I use ja_JP.eucJP locale.  However, the current version of xterm
supports only two modes: no-locale (8bit-input-means-index-for-fonts)
mode and UTF-8 mode.  Current version of xterm detects only UTF-8 locale
and sets itself into UTF-8 mode, otherwise it sets itself into no-locale
mode.  Tollef's mail didn't have any necessary information on his (her?)
environment.  (Sorry, I don't know Tollef is male name or female name...)

Well, the mail header of your mail contains:

> Mime-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-2022-jp

and your "SJIS" string was encoded in ISO-2022-JP.  By the way,
I don't know the word from two kanji characters, though a big
Japanese dictionary might have the word.  I cannot confirm the
character I am now reading is what you really intended.

And, the original Tollef's mail had

> MIME-Version: 1.0
> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

This is _really_ important, though 8bit-language-speakers who
are careless about i18n might ignore this.  I don't pretend
I didn't understand Tollef's mail.  I _really_ didn't understand.
If your mail software accidentally displays Tollef's "Japanese"
characters, your mail software _doesn't_ support MIME "charset".

Why did you think Tollef's mail was encoded in SJIS?

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.org>
"Introduction to I18N"  http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/intro-i18n/

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