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Re: Vanishing /usr/doc symlink

>>"Santiago" == Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

 Santiago> The original plan said:

 Santiago>      2.  Post potato, we continue the transition, with the
 Santiago>          symlinks in place. Before freeze, we file
 Santiago>          important bugs against any package that has not
 Santiago>          been moved over (in one and a half release
 Santiago>          periods, we may be actually able to accomplish
 Santiago>          this), with NMU-fests to bring over the others.

	That was the goal. Goals slip. We were not able to accomplish
 it in time for woody freeze.  Milestones slip.

 Santiago> So at least the first thing I said does not seem wrong to me.

	An informative footnote in policy states:
[1]  These symlinks will be removed in the future, but they have to be
     there for compatibility reasons until all packages have moved and the
     policy is changed accordingly. 

	Policy has not been changed.

	A quick recap:
 potato: partial transition.  /usr/doc is the place we point people
         to. /usr/doc has some symlinks
 woody: /usr/doc should have only symlinks. We point people to
 woody +1 : policy changes just after woody release. symlinks are
            supposed to go away now (only a recommends -- can't make
            8000+ packages insta-buggy)

 woody+n: when sufficient packages no longer have symlinks, policy
           changed again to must not, and any packages with symlinks
           in /usr/doc have release critical bugs. At this point
           /usr/doc can go away.

	Whether N==1 depends on how quickly people remove the symlinks.

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