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SUGGESTION: Re: Some thoughts about problems within Debian


On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 11:24:12PM +0100, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> [3] "tries to fix" means that he looks into the bug. I do expect a
>     maintainer to be able to fix a "missing build dependency on xyz" bug
>     or to forward the bug to upstream. OTOH it's clear that there are
>     cases where the maintainer can't do much about a bug (e.g. there's an
>     inactive/dead upstream and he can't fix a bug in the source himself).


I have a suggestion to make it easier for others to fix such problems.

One thing is a additional tag to the bug-database. HELP-NEEDED or
some other similar name. This tag should be added to a package when
the maintainer can not resolve the bug him/her-self. It is similar
to the moreinfo tag but requests for help from other people than the

Maybe also add NMU-ACCEPTED to the list of tags in the bugs-database.
It will be added for a package that the maintainer accepts NMU:s for
this bug (but probably want a patch too).

The above tags should be added after forwarding to upstream (if applicable)
but it is not needed because of various reasons, like no upstream,
debian-only-related-bug, etc.

Is this something good?


// Ola

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