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Re: [kde] and, for my next trick ...

> The libpng[23] screwup in unstable is now more or less resolved with
> kde{base,graphics,network} in incoming. Now, the only packages that need
> rebuilding are kdeaddons, kinkatta, kmerlin, koffice, and maybe kdetoys
> (not sure on that one - Ben?). kdelibs was installed last night.

I don't believe kdetoys needs a rebuild.

As for koffice and kdeaddons, my network access at this conference is
somewhat less than I had hoped for and I won't be able to upload new builds
for another week or so.  If people are happy with that, that's cool.  If
someone desperately needs it sooner and feels the need to NMU, that's cool
also but please talk with me first so we can discuss what changes you're
planning if any.


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