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SILC debs

Since some people asked me, what happened these packages (which are still
waiting in the nonus incoming dir), we managed to put them to the official


at the download section there is a release note, how to configure
sources.list to keep the packages up to date

#*** via http ***
deb http://silcnet.org/download/client/deb ./
deb-src http://silcnet.org/download/client/deb ./
deb http://silcnet.org/download/server/deb ./
deb-src http://silcnet.org/download/server/deb ./

#*** via ftp ***
deb ftp://silcnet.org/silc/client/deb ./
deb-src ftp://silcnet.org/silc/client/deb ./
deb ftp://silcnet.org/silc/server/deb ./
deb-src ftp://silcnet.org/silc/server/deb ./

best regards, 
Tamas SZERB <toma@rulez.org>
GPG public key: http://people.debian.org/~toma/gpgkey-toma.asc

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