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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance status

YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:
 > Good summary.  This reminds me of most troubles I've ever suffered
 > when cross compiling. :->

Thanks.  To summarize those things, I have done many things.

One more thing.  Some packages use snapshot of software, and use
--enable-maintainer-mode to generate manuals by help2man.  It works on
native system, but not for cross.

I think that we should have some criteria of what should be done at
source packaging time and build time.

It would be good if we could have some discipline of _not_ to use
--enable-maintainer-mode to build binary package.  Instead, use
--enable-maintainer-mode when making up source package,
so that we don't need --enable-maintainer-mode at build time.

I think that it's not good idea to do _everything_ at build time.

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