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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance status

YAEGASHI Takeshi writes...

> Is there anyone who utilize dpkg-cross?

I used it for bootstrapping Debian on hppa, it's *very* useful. I didn't need 
to make too many changes. I still need to submit a patch for hppa support. At 
the time I was too distracted by having a native toolchain to spend time on 
dpkg-cross patches :)

The things I changed for hppa are available at,

> According to BTS, it seems that dpkg-cross has been left unmaintained
> for more than 1 year...
> I want to add SuperH support to dpkg-cross (I've just reported as the
> wishlist, Bug#127723), and there are several bugs I want to fix too.

The SuperH changes are probably more important since the need to xcompile debs 
is higher given most native platforms are fairly limited. That said I'd still 
take a limited native platform over dpkg-cross. Debian was not meant to be 
xcompiled :(

For now maybe you could just publish them somewhere and submit a pointer to 
the BTS. If the maintainer isn't responsive you can follow the proper NMU 
procedure I guess.

Matt Taggart

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