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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance status

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 09:44:16AM +0900, YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:
> Yes, for embedded platforms with limited resources cross compling is
> quite important, especially when you want to build a large set of
> software such as Debian distrubution.
> But as you know we currently have much troubule with cross building
> Debian packages, even though most of the problem can be easily solved
> with a few changes.
> I often feel that most source packages might have a bit more cross
> compile awareness.  Of course I should report that to the BTS to the
> extent not annoying maintainers.

I've been fixing packages when I notice problems, and sending the
patches to the maintainer.  Most maintainers understand the
usefulness of cross-compiling.  Perhaps some day, we might have
cross-compiling as part of Debian policy (or at least a tag for
cross-compiliability), but I certainly wouldn't advocate that now,
as it would cause too much turmoil.

However, I'm almost to the point of getting a cross autobuilder set
up, so one of the results of that will at least be a list of packages
that cross compile.


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