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Re: Question before buying GNU Debian

also sprach Christian Banik <c.banik@tu-harburg.de> [2002.01.07.2157 +0100]:
> So it isn't possible to support the (original Linux) GNU Debian
> project by buying a CD package? I'm a Student and have not so much
> money but if it would help You I would buy one!

sehr gut! at the risk of being flamed or at least told off, there are
also many other paths to contribute. for instance, buying a one-day
ticket to systems 2002 for one of the developers to appear at the debian
booth. or any other fair. i feel like that's always needed, and i'd
happily send you a CDR set if you'd be willing to do something like

on the other hand, while money surely makes the world go 'round, there
are many other ways you can contribute. for instance, you could adopt a
package and take *good* care of it. it's not that hard to learn how to
maintain a package. or you could simply spread the word about debian. or
you could subscribe to debian-user and just answer questions (a great
way to learn more and more!). or you help people around you through the
installation. there are countless ways.

but thanks for your question, and welcome to the debian world! you'll
soon realize why debian is simply the best. and why you kind of want to
assemble all people on debian-user into one room and then take over the
world. interested, anyone? :)

martin;              (greetings from the heart of the sun.)
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