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Re: no space left on device: LVM, Gnus --> dpkg, apt-get ?

Egon Willighagen wrote:
> That makes me wonder: is it possible that i am imagening things, and that the 
> upgrade went well, even though my HD was full? Did it actually install files 
> then, or did it not overwrite, because of the HD being full, and my files are
> basically not upgraded, but just the version numbers in the index that dpkg 
> uses?

Dpkg has very robust error detection and handling code. If the disk
fills up or it cannot write to a file, it will abort the upgrade, and
roll back to the previously installed version of the package.

It doesn't have support for pausing for more disk space to be made
available, but then all you have to do is run it again..

see shy jo

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